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deaerator heads

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Deaerator Heads

The GMS range of de-aerator units heads comprise of a stainless steel mixing head and a stainless steel immersion tube.

The mixing head is designed to mix incoming flows of condensate return from the system, flash steam, cold water make-up feed and re-circulation feed. Each inlet connection has an internal sparge which sprays the flow in various directions within the head to create a mixing action to remove any gases within the head. These gases are then vented to atmosphere.

The de-aerator head re-circulation connection has an internal spray nozzle to help mixing of the various inlets. GMS can supply the pump re-circulation system as part of the package - please refer to our literature for further information.

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The unit is designed to be maintenance-free with a stainless steel body (wetted parts). Gaskets & all bolting are supplied with the unit.

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